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Our kids need a way to see the futility of the drug and gang culture before it is too late. This vision drives a small group of community activists in Bakersfield, California to help kids think about their lives and their futures that could one day be sacrificed to drugs and violence.

Too many of todays children dont have a safe place to hide from the influences of gang culture. They cannot rely on the traditional supports of family, churches, caring neighbors, extended families, schools without violence or even safe streets. Parents may be at work, in prison or fathers may be absent from the family system. No wonder some children have become Caught Up in drugs and gangs. Fewer families are involved in community churches while gang members outnumber good students in schools. This creates communities throughout the country where drug King Pins and gangsters take over as surrogate parents to the youngsters they recruit. These drug King Pins and gang leaders promote, instruct and reward the young recruits to deliver drugs, death and violence to other members of their community.

Caught Up simulates the drama that takes place on the streets of cities, towns and neighborhoods everyday. The players use regonizable game pieces that represent real players in the gang culture. Even with careful strategizing the ultimate result of involving oneself in the gang and drug culture is death and destruction. No matter how long or how well a player plays the game, in Caught Up or real life, the results are always the same.

Just as on the streets, Homies are expendable as they provide a layer of protection to the established gang members. The gang leaders push the Homies to protect the others. Homies provide obedience and loyalty to the gang leaders with the hope that they will one day be promoted within the gang. This false hope is represented in Caught Up by the Homies effort to make it through the gauntlet of the opposing team in order to graduate to the status of the second most powerful player on the board. Every homie tries to achieve this goal–in real life as well as in the game–but seldom does one succeed.

For more information or news about Caught Up tournaments and sponsored activities, players, parents, educators and community members may contact Isaiah Crompton at (661) 747-4661

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