Meet The Players

Meet The Players



The King Pin

The King Pin is the highest ranking individual in his domain. He has the say in anything that happens on his turf. You could think of him as the president of his empire. His experience and knowledge exceeds that of any other gang member. He just sits back and controls everything as everyone comes to him. The King Pin’s pride and joy is the Queen Pin and he will stop at nothing to make sure she is happy.

In the game, the King Pin is the prize, the victory, or the final objective. Everyone works for him so he moves only when necessary. Once he is  Caught Up the game is yours.



The Queen Pin

The Queen Pin is the better half of the King Pin. She has a lot to do with the King Pin’s operations. The King Pin provides her with anything she could ever need and want and because of this she holds him very dear to her. The Queen Pin will go to any lengths to protect the King Pin. She is cunning and has a lot of knowledge in many different areas.

In the game, the Queen Pin may be considered the most dominating player on the board and can take out the most unsuspecting opponent at any given time. She can move wherever she wants and as many spaces as she needs in order to take down any player in her path, so don’t let her fool you.



The Big Homie

Big Homie has been a part of the “hood” for quite some time. A survivor of the poverty stricken streets, Big Homies have been involved with many horrible activities that may include drive-by shootings, robberies, home invasions, drug sales, and even homicides. Little Homies often look up the Big Homie, admiring his strength and position.

The Big Homie is valued for the strength and viciousness of his attacks. Beware of the Big Homie, he will definitely take down the King Pin if given a chance.



The Balla

A Balla is an independent person that can handle his own in any given situation. The life of a Balla demonstrates a positive pattern of force by taking control when necessary, staying focused, and having direction. A Balla remains conscious and aware of his surroundings at all times. He desires the better things in life and will stop at nothing to acquire what he wants. His lavish lifestyle is very high maintenance and requires a substantial amount of revenue to support it.

The Balla holds an important position on the board. He can move over other players, and he can attack from four different angles.  Watch out for the Balla – he can come at you  when you least expect it.



The Homie

Homies are fellow gang members—any race, age, gender or size—that each try to gain respect in their ‘hood. A Homie is an average  person dealing with day-to-day struggles that occur in their life in order to survive in today’s world.  Homies are so caught up in the dangerous gang lifestyle that they can’t seem to find a way out of it.

There are more Homies in than any other character which makes them fully expendable. Never underestimate a Homie because they can take down the King Pin just as easy as any other player on the board.



The Hustler

A Hustler is always in a hurry going from place to place to make something happen. A Hustler can never be a role model because he has not acquired the knowledge or experience to advance to the next level. A Hustler makes a lot of foolish mistakes and must go through a lot of changes in his life. Due to this type of lifestyle a Hustler finds himself in a  situation and has to go to jail from time to time. In the game, this player is somewhat expendable due to the nature of their lifestyle. His position plays a small role in the overall game, yet at time proves to be quite valuable.

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